Published on: Sat, 07 Sep 2019 20:05:11 by:
Kissinger Bukar

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A passionate appeal has been made to the Adamawa state government to establish special courts for speedy prosecution of rape cases

The Executive Director of a Non-Governmental Organisation, Centre for Women and Adolescent Empowerment, Hajiya Asmau Joda, who made the appeal in her office in Yola, explained that the action will encourage victims of rape and related violence to obtain justice.

She said unnecessary delay in court among other factors pose hindrance in the dispensation of justice to victims of rape while perpetrators of the act are not duly punished to serve as a deterrent to others.

Hajiya Asmau attributed the few reported rape cases in court to awareness on the part of the people and urged authorities to act to prosecute perpetrators of such act to deter to others.

The executive director stressed that in recent time, more women are willing to join hands in curtail incidence of rape adding that unfortunately, some of such women do not enjoy the support of some families members.

She said her organisation since its establishment has a record twenty seven rape cases but only two perpetrators of the act were prosecuted adding that the victims of rape are mostly the underage and elderly women for superstitious reasons misleading by some so-called traditional spiritualists.

Contributing on the subject, Miss Nuwama Ishaku Markus, who is Human Rights Desk Officer of the Centre for Women and Adolescent Empowerment, said some male parents sometimes threaten their wives with divorce for insisting on justice for their daughter that are the victims of rape.

She added that the justice system also delays action on such cases which frustrates families of victims who eventually back out to save the family name or stigma and the financial burden associated with pursuing the case.

The desk officer pointed out that Magistrate and other lower courts have a low sentence rate on perpetrators of rape but said a High court has a twenty one year jail term for such crime adding that special courts for the purpose will ensure speedy dispensation of justice on rape cases.

She said reported cases of rape have been on the increase in the society due to legal action and the hope that such cases will be considered while the perpetrators of the act are brought to book.

In recent times, there have been increased attentions by government and Non-Governmental bodies to encourage victims or rape to come forward and seek justice while the judicial system is being reformed to deal with such cases.