Adamawa state Head of service Dr Edger Amos casted his  vote around 8 45am

Published on: Sat, 23 Feb 2019 15:31:59 by:
Tafisu Adamu

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Dumne ward old market polling unit in song local government area of the state  its where the Adamawa state Head of service Dr Edger Amos casted his  vote around 8:45am

Conduct at the polling unit was peacefully,and in orderly manner. Security and INEC officials are up and doing their work under a peaceful atmosphere.

The electorate are seen queueing for accreditation peacefully and joyfully to vote the candidate of their choice.

State Head of civil service Dr Edger Amos expressed satisfaction over the  general conduct of the election from the national level to his ward level.

Dispite  the perspondment of the election last week he said that people of his ward and the Nigerians intirely came out in mass to cast the vote  and commended the INEC officials, security perssonel for the well conduct of the election.

He identity too much number of political parties as one of the challenges which make the exercise too hectic . Called on the INEC to regulate the numbers of political parties, charged the electorate to consider the election as an opportunity to exercise their right.not as a  do or die affairs.

He advocated that INEC should In future introduce electronic voting system in Nigeria to  ease the use of the long ballot papers.