Fintiri Will Dump PDP To APC Before 2023 says Sen Girei

Published on: Thu, 08 Aug 2019 19:47:38 by:

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The current secretary of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and the former senator represent Adamawa central, Abubakar Girei, has dropped a bombshell for the PDP in Adamawa state saying, the current governor of Adamawa, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri will dump the PDP for APC and will be the joker for the party’s victory in 2023.

Abubakar Girei said he and some APC patriots in Adamawa state have made Fintiri the fulcrum of their grand master plan towards reviving the party’s fortunes and reclaiming the state in 2023.

Abubakar Girei made the remarks during an exclusive chat with Daily Sun in Yola, Adamawa state.

Speaking on the fortunes of APC in Adamawa state having lost the 2019 elections Girei said, “I am an optimist and we are working hard to revive the party.

“The APC in Adamawa was destroyed by APC members in including the former governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla.

“The few people in the party Secretariat who supported him to implode the party’s fortunes are all regretting it now because we told them severally that any attempt to field Jibrilla Bindow as candidate of the party will lead to the implosion of the party because we already guaged the mood that Adamawa people will not vote for Bindow and thus APC will loose, unfortunately, they did not listen to us and they are all regretting it now.

“But as I said earlier, we are working hard to rebuild our party but not only rebuild our party but regain its lost glory.

“But fortunately also for us, we are very lucky in a way because we have succeeded in throwing away the useless government of Bindow and we now have a very progressive, dynamic, transparent, sincere young man as governor, who is working hard to rebuild the state and put it on a sound footing.

“One of our targets is to bring him back to APC for the party to win the state in 2023.

“We that are patriotic, dedicated and loyal members of the APC, are doing our very best to re-engineer this party and one of the best ways we think we can do this now, having seen this progressive governor in the opposition party is to bring him to our party and win the 2023 elections with him as the governor, as am already sure we will maintain the power at the Federal.”

Abubakar Girei also speaking on the botched RevolutionNow protest said, “This thing they call revolution now is a ruse because to the best of my knowledge, a revolution is always driven by the people and citizens of a country not by a failed politician.

“This movement was obviously instigated by the looters and criminals who are so scared of Buhari’s stance to clampdown on corruption in his second term.

“Some of them were so corrupt that they would spend N14 billion for jewelry, these kind of people would spend much more for the Sowore’s of this world, so Buhari should be commended.”

He added that, “It is unfortunate that our laws are still defective and has not created room for a stiff penalties and I was a member of the legislature.

“There is clear difference between civil protest and a violent protest, a protest that was aimed at bringing government down is not good.

“People have been protesting in this country before but Sowore said he wants to bring down the roof, destroy federal, state and local government, while he has the right to protest, his right must not be allowed to trample on other peoples rights who want to live in peace.

“This protest is just an opportunity to create mayhem and lawlessness, and just like El Zarkay and his men have said it openly that they are out to kill, so police have to do their jobs and prevent the breakdown of law and order.”

The ACF scribe explains that, “This protest was invented by those who are trying to protect their loot and that of their masters.”

Giving his assessment of the alarming security challenges in the the country under President Muhammadu Buhari he said, “We should not localise the problems with security in the country to Buhari because it is now that we have a change of government and a government that is dealing with it seriously.

“We have not been having good governance in this country since 1999, it is in 2015 that we have a serious government that is committed to transforming the country.

“Notably, the security has spread to other parts of the country but Boko Haram, this government has dealt with it decisively but we cannot deny that other forms of insecurity have spread to other parts of the country but all these security challenges are the handiwork of looters, political money bags, failed politicians and their surrogates like Sowore.

He elaborates that, “As a resident of Yola, and an indigene of Adamawa, we know the difference.

“I could not go for a condolence visit at Mubi because of insecurity and even within Yola, going to the mosque was a problem, there are securitoes everywhere, you have to be frisked and searched just because you want to pray.

“But whether Boko Haram has been defeated completely or not is a different matter, but we have different challenges other than Boko Haram and these are sponsored.”

On his assessment of the president Buhari led government he said, “We as Nigerians know full well that we are living far behind our time.

“We should be comparing ourselves with Singapore, China, etc. look at where we are, living twenty, thirty years behind where we should be as a country in terms of progress and development, so leadership is very important.

“In 2015, when