Fintiri is a Demagogue and PDP is in intensive care unit Says Sen Abbo

Published on: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 10:34:48 by:
Tom Garba

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A video going viral in the social Media by Senator Cliff Ishaku Elisha Abbo representing, Adamawa Northern Senatorial District accusing the Executive Governor of the state,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for constituting himself into a Demagogue.

In the video Abbo said Fintiri has suddenly became “Alpha and Omega”, who can “do and undo”,and does not see any party stakeholder,thereby “constituting himself into a Demagogue.”

He described Umaru as a dictator,his attitudes is unacceptable and he does’nt seat on the same table with his kinds because he is a product of the people

“I for one, I don’t seat on the same table with dictators,I’m not a afraid of person or anything, I’m a product of the people.” He said

The video suggest words of war between the serving Senator and Fintiri,his home state Governor who he said hijacked the People’s Democracy party (PDP) in the state, running it like a gangster and in a gangsterism style.

“PDP in Adamawa state is sick,PDP in Adamawa state is in intensive care unit, PDP in Adamawa state is surviving on an oxygen and any time you take the oxygen away PDP in Adamawa is death.” Abbo stressed

Abbo in the video ranted that the Adamawa state Governor during his campaign days sees people with their religion and tribe, he will come to the Church and tell them to support him because they are not Fulani people,and let’s fight them, he will go to the Fulanis and tell them to support him because they are Muslim. According to him Fintiri is a “two edged sword Governor.”

He walloped on Fintiri of being pettish for fighting party members for not supporting him during his primary election, faulted the law that brought in the caretaker chairmen and transtional committee who through the House Assembly were made chairmen from LGAs party chairmen.

He said the Governor sees him as a threat which he is not, but called on him to consider him as somebody that will add value and use his energy to help him not to make a political enemy out of him.

The Young Senator fumed up his stand to be a strong political enemy of anybody he wants to be,stressing that Governor Fintiri is pettish and he should stand up and be the real Governor of Adamawa state.

Challenging Fintiri to grow up to his office:”as I always says if you give a small man a big office,he will bring it down to his level. The Governor is a small Man and we gave him a big office.”

He brag of his political popularity better than the Governor’s even in his LGA, haven polled higher votes than him,the Governor shouldn’t be fighting him toes and nails since the primary election time to date but they should unite to work for the people.

He said they occupied their offices with the people's mandate,they depend on each other to succeed.

“He can’t be the Governor and the senator at the same time,and I can’t be the senator and the Governor at the same time,I should help him to succeed and he should help me to succeed because our offices are people’s mandate.

“How can we deliver on the mandate freely given to us by our people? This is what should be on our minds but he took up a fight against me,he look me and many others as enemy.” Cliff said

In a reaction, the spokesman to the Governor who is also the Director General Media and Communications,Mr Solomon Kumangar in a press statements made available to news men in Yola said for now the Governor does not intend to join issues with the Senator.

Rather, His Excellency is in the delicate phase of laying strong bricks for the security, growth, development and prosperity of the people and institutions of Adamawa state and would not want to be distracted.” Kumangar said

According to Solomon, Senator Cliff in the video circulating in the social media attempted to cast aspersion on the Governor,and His Excellency views the Senator’s action as unfortunate and takes exception to the insults, innuendoes and attacks on his person and office.

“His Excellency hereby calls on Distinguished Senator Abbo and indeed all loyal PDP members to explore available intra-party channels to express their grievances in a civilized and democratic manner to engender cohesion and solidarity.” Solomon added