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Hon Hussaini Ahmadu Har

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Adamawa people are tired with empty promises from PDP government, we need to start witnessing the fresh air been promised to good people of Adamawa State, hoping you to concentrate in your campaign promises.

By now Sir, the people of Adamawa should begin to feel the sweet breeze of your 11 point campaign agenda embedded on the singing slogan of “fresh air”. It is unfortunate the physically experience of Adamawa people of your government is on too much of “Magana and Korin Ma’aikata.” Your over thirty days in office came out strongly to match down some workers who were duly employed by Bindo’s regime, it is a direct game of witch hunting and rubbishing the past government bad,an act that’s very minimal to the huge task ahead of you to work for Adamawa people.

May I also submit to you and the entire people of the state that government is government under whichever kind of political party and who is managing its affairs, as it can inherit assets so does it inherit liabilities. Don’t forget in a short while sir that you are a governor for APC, PDP,SDP,ADC people and all those non partisan people of our dear state. Your primary job is for all people of the state not for the selective few under your party.

Always dumbfounded and on surprises Sir how your lieutenants,foot soldiers as your errand boys personalised what belongs to all of us in the state. My opinion stand strong to remind you to give us back the fresh air you promised. We want to hear the coming of the air in form of a sounds. Sir let it be the anticipated abundant rain of your government.

Your excellency Sir, your immediate past government, the government that i’m perceiving you hate is on record Gov Bindo Jibrilla in less than 2weeks in office he put smiles to people of Wuro Jabbe, Jambutu, Damare, Yola Bye Pass, Numan by constructing that today history will remember him for good. Posterity will certainly judge right of his good intentions to the people of the state.

I advise that your calumny of vendetta approach of your government to your immediate passed government is a show of leadership defect, a weakness that will stagnate you by closing eye from the working well what you have envisioned the state to be. All what I know a good leader sees front never look backward because he might stumble along the way in his efforts to look backward.

Please PDP Government wake up and do the needful, just even our street light is not working why? Stop deceiving yourself that there’s time while time is running against you, it’s wondering how to succeed with only one political appointment ie SSG haba haba can you tell us with SSG alone is enough for you to serve the interest of Adamawa people? It’s doubtful.

I’m still not feeling,seeing the sign of the fresh air,the air has been contaminated with retrogressive act of leadership, skyvenging the possible loopholes of only Governor Bindo’s tenure. May I ask why is only your immediate passed government you are interested on? We had governments in the passed. For example,from Boni Haruna to Bindo. Between Boni and Bindo,there was Murtala Nyako,between Nyako and Barr James Bala Ngillari there was RT HON AHMADU FINTIRI who acted when Nyako was ousted as the Governor. Sir why are you not sprawling at this ones? Don’t you think is equally part of your work as an investigative Governor not a progressive Governor to make sure that all government in the passed are investigated? On my own opinion Adamawa people are interested for your government to investigate all the passed governments. What’s good for the goose is equally good for the gander,clamp on all passed regime and make sure what rightly belongs to us is being brought back and set well for the Masse’s benefit.

Hon Hussaini Ahmadu Hat

Grassroots politician


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