Kimpact Development initiative traind election tribunal monitors in Abuja

Published on: Sat, 24 Aug 2019 23:01:45 by:
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim and Farida Ishaq Bello

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The 2019 General Elections had come and gone, and the tribunals as an instrument for seeking redress for the aggrieved parties have been constituted but it activities need to be monitored to see if certain Laws and methodologies for seeking justice at the tribunals could be amended and improved upon to conform with principle of equity and natural justice.

One of such issue that needed attention is technicalities which in so many cases were relied upon to topple the substantive matters.

To achieve this Kimpact Development initiative in conjuctin with the International Foundation For Electoral Systems (IFES) ,USAID for the American People and UKaid For the British people come together to commit their resources into monitoring the election tribunals in Nigeria.

The project is in collaboration with the court of Appeal which certified the monitors and introduce them to various tribunals in the country.

This project is also aim at strengthening democracy in Nigeria.

KDI further focuses on in-depth research,capacity development and public policy advocacy.

Since its inception,the organisation has carved a niche for itself as one of the frontline NGO promoting youth development and strengthening of government structures.

KDI started as "impact Foundation" in 2005 which focused on youth development through trainings and seminars among students. In the quest to ensure that youths contribute more to the socioeconomic activities of the country, KDI thus introduced good governance and advocacy to its developmental projects for youth.since March 2014, KDI has worked hand in hand with both local and international bodies in order to achieve its goals.

KDI build informed and active citizens as catalyst for the sustainable Democratic and economic development of Nigeria.

KDI is also empowering the citizens through sensitization and advocacy, giving them room to maximize their potentials.