Politicians cautions against interference with selection of Kwandi Nunguraya

Published on: Sun, 25 Aug 2019 21:45:25 by:
Hassan Umar Shallpella

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Politicians have been called upon not to interfere with the selection of Kwandi Nunguraya in Guyuk local government area of Adamawa state so as to have a smooth and hitch free selection of a new paramount ruler of Lunguda land.

Jalgi Nashon Dala, Amna Poro Guyuk, one of the King makers made the call while speaking with Journalists following posting on the social media that selection of new Kwandi Nunguraya has been concluded and new paramount ruler was endorsed.

He dismissed the news circulating in the social media that the governor has approved somebody as new Kwandi Nunguraya and call on people to disregard the misleading information, pointed out that the prayer of the people is to have a credible person that will take Lunguda land to greater heights.

Jalgi Nashon Dala explained that the first round of selection was not done in accordance with the selection of Kwandi Nunugura as some king makers were disenfranchised from participation which is against the norms of selecting new leader of the area.

Amna Poro Guyuk commended the state governor Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for giving them the opportunity to conclude the selection of new Kwandi Nunguraya on Thursday this week, and called on those who circulate earlier information on the matter on social media to retract them so as not to jeopardize the laid down process of selecting new leader.

“We are peace lovers and cherish peace, God has keep us together as people traditional ruling is exclusively reserve for those who came from royal family” Amna Poro Guyuk said

He said religious and sentiment should be set aside in the selection and others should not be deprive of their rights to contest the stool, that traditional way of selecting kwandi has not been followed as some king makers were deprived from participation, and expressed the fear that name of a rightful candidate may be swap alone the way and draw the attention of government in that regard.

The immediate past Kwandi Nunguraya HRH late Wilfred Kimde ruled from 23rd April, 1999 died on 1st August, 2019 after protracted illness.