Politicians should not be made to shoulder financial burdens of weddings

Published on: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 21:38:42 by:
Kissinger Bukar

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The constitutional mandate of elected representatives is to provide dividend of democracy rather than shouldering the financial burden of weddings and naming ceremonies of the people.

Chairperson and Founder of a Non-Governmental Organization, Centre for Women and Adolescents Empowerment, Hajiya Asmau Joda, who stated this in an interview in her office in Yola, said it is working on a project to ensure accountability and transparency among political office holders in Adamawa and Gombe states.

Hajiya Asmau explained that at the commencement of the project, her organization advocacy visits to constituencies as well as traditional chiefs and discovered that campaign promises are not given consideration.

She said in some instances, the promises are not kept while in some places the people as well as the politicians don’t remember if there was any promise made during the electioneering period.

The founder stressed that about twenty five second class chiefs in both Adamawa and Gombe have indicated their willingness to work towards ensuring that politicians keep promises made to the people.

She described the media as critical in the actualization of the project were updated while members of the state house of assembly have shown an appreciable response as many of them are willing to meet with people of their constituency.

Hajiya Asmau lamented that the involvement of traditional rulers in politics has advisedly affected the performance and advised that when traditional rulers keep away in politics, politicians tend to perform better while the dignity of the traditional ruler as a stakeholder will be sustained.

She said the steps taken will ensure that politicians don’t only return to the people when they need their votes but wider consultations will be sustained for the development of the constituency.

Hajiiya Asmau pointed out that a mechanism have been put in place to ensure that campaign promises are fulfilled while the people have a stake in promoting the development of their areas by their elected representatives.

She commended Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for the swift implementation of promises he made to the people to include prompt payment of salaries, settlement of backlog of arrears, improving security situation in the state among others.

The founder expressed the hope that soon positive impact will be felt as some of the members of the state house of assembly have opened constituency offices following consultations with the organization on the matter.