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At a training session yestaday, the facilitator collected a Nokia torch hand set with fully charged battery.

He brought a fresh egg. Then he puts the egg and the handset together and place them into a polythene bag.

He tied the bag and told us to call the phone number..... Calling....calling.. ..busy.. busy.

When the battery was drained down, he gave the phone to the owner and cracked the egg.

Behold the egg was cooked!!.. completely done/edible!!!.

We were surprised and asked for the explanation.

He told us that every handset emits electromagnetic rays.

That it was these rays that were responsible for cooking of that egg.

He also said that for device to be named " hand set " by international bodies is not by accident.

He said that it is never a pocket set.

He went on to say that males (men) have egg resemblance in between their legs...scrotum.

He admonished men to stop putting/carrying their hand set in their pockets, as opposed to holding in hand and carrying in an off body bag

If you continue to put handsets in your pocket, the radiation from it will denature your spermatozoa and cook your scrotum .

That is why so many men married for 2 to 3 years have no children even when they are trying.

They begin to blame their wife. They will visit men of God for fasting and prayers.

Maybe God will answer them and reverse the condition, but coming out of the church, they put back the handset in their pockets and continued to denature their sperm and cook their scrotum again.

What about the fact that before a communication mast is mounted on your property in Nigeria, you will be paid between 10 to 20 million naira as long as you sign a document the network provider gives you.

People dont even read the document. Only sign and collect the money.

The document reads in part within the middle ( we are giving you this money to buy land in another place and relocate, because what we are about to mount here is dangerous to your health ).

If you continue to stay there in about 10 to 15 years period, you and others living there will be suffering from one/various forms of cancer.

Please guys stop putting handset in your trouser pockets.

Inform your friends and relatives about the dangers.

Ladies inform your brothers, male friends and relatives the same.

By putting sets in your pocket or inside bra Can cause prostate and breast cancer respectively.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss a little on one of the burning health issues.

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