Sen Cliff sparks fire accuses Gov Fintiri of leading Adamawa PDP to destruction

Published on: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 15:24:59 by:

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The People’s Democracy party (PDP) in Adamawa state appeared to be in protracted crisis with the Executive Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and the Senator representing Northern zone of state, Mr Cliff Elisha Abbo at the center stage of the crisis.

Mr Abbo Sunday evening on his Facebook official page sparked fire,accusing the Governor of allowing the party in the state under his leadership heads towards “self destruction.”

According to him:”I want to maintain and mark my words that the party under the leadership of Gov. Fintiri In ADAMAWA state is heading for self destruction unless he reverses some of his unpopular decisions and cease to be a dictator.”

He revealed that after his wide consultation with real stakeholders of PDP home and abroad,he discovered the party is in the bricks of collapse in the Sooner possible time if the needful will not be done to unite party members by the Governor

In a way of averting the looming dangers,Cliff opined that the records are there as a witness for his steadfast meeting with the Governor to tell him on the impending dangers on the “vexatious” coming local Government elections,Gov Umaru Fintiri promised not to interfere with the election

“For the records, I met the Governor three times before different witnesses on the vexatious LGA elections and he assured or rather lied to us that he will not interfere and will allow free and fair electoral process.

“That was not to be as he ordered the Screening committee to disqualify candidates he felt are close to me after findings indicated that his candidates will lose even if he transferred the CBN to those LGAs. Gov. Fintiri did that to pave way for his anointed candidates to contest the election WITHOUT OPPOSITION – UNOPPOSED.

“The appeal committee did a good work, sent its report to the party after three days and the party waited for the Gov for 9days to arrive before overruling the recommendations of the party and the screening committee.”

In his Facebook post,Cliff promised to reveal more damaging secrets shall he (Fintiri) denied his submissions.

“Can he or any of his official spokes people deny this so that I will fully open up?” He said

The Senator continue to say that:

“Let me state it clearly that I never got elected because of any GOD FATHER, I don’t have any. If only for record purposes and for history’s sake, GOV FINTIRI worked against me day and night during the primary elections. He even drove to Mubi and slept in Mubi held nocturnal meetings just to defeat me. I posted the result of the primary elections here as thus:

1. SYB and minions ………….. 17 votes (4%)

2. Fintiri and Marafa ………. 74 votes ( 13%)

3. SIA and the Masses ……..464 votes ( 81%)

4. Invalid votes …………………………….(2%)

“During the General elections, I pulled more votes than Fintiri even though my election and that of the President was same day and time. We fought alongside the masses against a well organized APC machinery backed by a hostile security agencies. The Results I posted above shows I and the masses won three LGAs in the Northern Senatorial District while Gov. Fintiri won only two LGA even with all the support he received from Gov. Bindow’s powerful enemies within the APC. I won more LGAs and pulled more votes than him. And you think I am a nobody in PDP because you don’t like me or don’t like my style?

“President Buhari rewarded NORTHWEST with 6 key Ministerial portfolios for massively voting him to power in 2019. Why is Fintiri punishing those that voted him to power?

“For the records, In Mubi North, the People of Fali and Marghi in Bahuli, Betso, Mayobani, Mijilu, Muchalla and VIMTIM voted massively for FINTIRI. Why is he paying us with evil by disqualifying our children from contesting elections? And you want me to keep quite? For fear of my office or fear of my life? Do I look like a timid man? No sir I am a very brave man.

“Let It be known that I will never keep quite and watch Fintiri take my people back to Egypt. I will never allow him to take my people back to political wilderness. I know so many things that those ignorant people talking will weep if we speak up. But I will save it for the appropriate time.

“I demand the national secretariat of PDP to quickly save the party from total collapse in Adamwa state. For we will never listen to nor be part of any FAKE RECONCILIATION after we are cheated.

“I said it before and let me repeat again. if we cannot as a party learn from our mistakes of 2015, let us learn from the mistakes of APC in 2019.

” Fortune Favours the brave.

“Get up stand up, Stand up for your rights (Bob Nesta Marley)”

Our correspondent made all efforts to speak to the party chairman,Barr A T shehu to response on the allegations raised by Sen Cliff of Gov Fintiri leadership is geared toward destroying the party prove abortive.

Shehu’s phone number rang on several dials but couldn’t pick, a text message send to him after several hours but without reply to the time of this publication.

Like wise the Secretary of the party,Alhaji Abdullahi Prambe his line was not picked after many times calling.

But the Director General of media and communication of Governor Fintiri, Mr Solomon Kumangar said Fintiri is never in any way building walls of enmity with Sen Cliff as there is nothing except friendship and comradeship.

Solomon say that is not always their business to engaged every critic or report every point or try to win every argument or prove people wrong.

He advice ill feel Senator Cliff not to go about washing their dirty linen if there is in the public.

He call on the party should not keep quite on watching this way,advice for a good way to resolve their differences amicably.

Kumangar however said Governor Fintiri remains focus to work for the people of Adamawa state as they do not vote for him to promote rancour or party bickering.