Why are Fulani Herdsmen nomadic

Published on: Sun, 28 Jul 2019 20:58:40 by:
Timawus Mathias

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Why are Fulani Herdsmen nomadic? To find grazing grass for their cattle. They go southwards in the dry season, and northwards in the rainy season. They are wont to settle down along river valleys for long if there is no competition with farmers for cultivable land. Why are we bereft of simple understanding with a view to bringing succour to all?

To ban the migration is not a solution because they will not obey. The only law they obey is the demand of their animals for grasses grazing land and access to waters. It is an empty promise to ban nomadism without providing the grazing lands. Here is a solution that will not be rejected.

1. Immediately provide cattle routes.

2. Recover and grass already gazetted grazing reserves through a special funding for the local governments where the grazing reserves exist. Ensure accountability in the realization of this.

3. Empower local farmers with a work bull programme. Each cooperative registered farmer is afforded a pair of bulls, a plough and a wagon through a revolving loan. This will empower the herders and create a dependency as well as food sufficiency. Farmer and herder can live amicably in peace once occupied

4. Review and enact laws that provide instant justice for destroyed crops and for killed or rustled livestock. Regulate cattle markets to ensure cattle being sold are of known legitimate source and origin.

5. Dialogue with and between communities to see sense in ranching and sedenterization of animal and livestock production. No one will refuse this if done with clear and sincere motives.