Withdrawal of the MRDD case at the Tribunal who gains.

Published on: Sat, 06 Jul 2019 11:22:17 by:
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim

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The wild jubilations in some quarters as a result of the withdrawal of the MRDD case before the Governorship Elections Petition Tribunal in Adamawa State is seriously misplaced. It is indeed a monumental loss for those jubilating.

To put the matter in proper context, let it be said in very clear terms that the botched attempt to withdraw the APC case and the eventual withdrawal of the MRDD case were both contracted to the same rouge mercinary elements whose main task was to actually cause the withdrawal of the APC case. They added the MRDD case only for the purposes of raising the stakes and earning higher fees.

Those who contracted them also were more concerned with the APC case because it is more potent, more direct and capable of ensuring that the mandate is transferred to the rightful winners of the 2019 Gubernatorial elections in Adamawa State. The MRDD case was to nullify the elections which to the rightful winners would have been a major set back.

So when the renegade contractors took the contract from their desperate clients and promised to deliver on the two it was to ensure total success to the contractors. Unfortunately their first attempt was the APC case which to them was the most potent and the key. They succeeded in recruiting their mercenaries and perfected their plans. But one element was missing. Like all such rouge plans there were too many assumptions. One of such was the belief that the top leadership of the APC in the State will support the plan or at best stand on the side lines.

That did not happen. The Leadership rose to the occasion and took the bull by the horn, summoned a meeting and exposed the charlatans for who they really are. Bouyed by the support of the National Secretariat, the Leadership simply delivered a killer blow to the ill-concieved plan.

In order to determine who gains and who looses by this action it is necessary to examine the stakes involved. The APC is at the Tribunal to reclaim it's mandate. The PDP on the other hand would rather that the status quo be maintained or at worst the elections be annulled. These are their preferred options rather than a handover to the rightful winner. And the Judiciary has proved time and again that it's ready to deliver justice regardless of the antics and wishes of power mongers. So the question really is, who does the withdrawal serve best?

On the day the botched attempt to withdraw the APC case took place the real sponsors of the processes were at the Tribunal gleefully jubilating even before the Judges entered. Some of them were seen interfacing with Journalists and trying to influence Reportage for maximum effect. Even though the Tribunal did not grant their request, they had gone ahead to instigate write ups in some media outlets to the effect that the case was actually withdrawn when infact the matter was adjourned.

The APC case at the Tribunal is indeed solid and strong. The antics of the mercenary elements has not yielded any positive dividends. The second plan to cause the withdrawal of the MRDD case was already activated and could not have been aborted hence it eventually went through. So all the planning for possible annulment rather than handing over to the rightful winner has equally been aborted.

The course is now clear for the APC to pursue it's case deligently and recovered it's rightful mandate. The MRDD case would have been a real cog in the wheel of progress for the APC. Happily it's no longer there. Those who had laid out plans for reelection commencing from the Constitution of House of Assembly leadership to Local Government leadership must now brace up for the eventual unexpected scenario of a takeover of Government based on a judgement that seeks to declare the APC as the rightful winner of the elections. Who then is the looser? One last question. Mercenary contractors, how market now?